Government and commercial organizations have made significant investments in geospatial technology. Organizations have, in many cases, dedicated considerable capital resources for specialized software, extensive data collections, and on-site analyst support; without realizing the full return on investment. Some organizations have struggled to create standards and procedures and have not fully utilized their investment to disseminate geospatial capability throughout the organization. The implementation of geospatial technology in an organization is designed to improve critical decision making capability, increase accessibility and reliability of data and control costs through the centralization of geospatial assets.

At GeoCGI, we aid organizations in maximizing their geospatial capability. Our geospatial technology consultants are experienced across a wide range of professional domains; and specialize in the development of geospatial solutions that transform large amounts of complex data into enterprise knowledge. Solutions focus on making information readily available through channels such as the desktop, the Internet, and wireless applications. Our consultants are skilled in strategic planning, design, development, and deployment of spatial database systems as well as custom application development.

Geospatial Technology Capabilities: